Minerva M Planning Notebook

Minerva ‘M’ Planning Notebook

If you’re a stationery and notebook lover then you are going to LOVE this!

The ultimate planning notebook with year, month & week planners, lined, plain and grid pages, goal setting pages, checklists and more!

Yes! I WANT one of these notebooks!

I wanted to create something that gave me joy to use and was incredibly practical too. I knew if I loved it then others will too and I’m very excited to share it with you…

What’s Inside

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve crammed lots of great stuff into this notebook for you and still left plenty of room for you to make it your own. Here’s the nitty gritty of what you will find inside:

  • Year planning spreads (4)
  • Month planning spreads (12)
  • Week planning spreads (4)
  • Detailed SMART Goal Setting spreads (3)
  • Mini SMART goal setting pages (4)
  • Brainstorm spreads (6)
  • Strategy map spreads (4)
  • Sales Funnel Spreads (4)
  • Goal setting / vision board pages (4)
  • Full width to do/check list pages (6)
  • Half Width to do/check list pages (2)
  • Half width todo + half width notes pages (4)
  • Blank note pages (42)
  • Lined note pages (28)
  • Blank/lined spreads (4)
  • Grid note pages (8)
  • Total pages = 192

Scroll down for more photos and details…

The Back Story

Back in 2014 I was feeling frustrated with my diary. I actually have an online to do list but nothing quite beats getting today’s most important tasks down with good, old fashioned, pen and paper. I was using an A5 page-per-day diary and it really wasn’t hugely inspiring. So, as a graphic designer by trade, I decided to design my own. It would be a combination of notebook, to do list, diary and business planner. And so the Ultimate Diary Planner was born (you can find out more about that at www.ultimatediaryplanner.com).

2 years on, I still luuuurve my planner and use it every day, but I found another gap in my life that kept nudging me to be filled; notebook. You see, I tend to use my planner for day to day stuff and then use another notebook for dumping all my ideas and planning brainstorms etc. It’s my go-to notebook when I need to map out a sales funnel, plan a new project or event, work out pricing strategy and lots more.

Me being me, I decided I’d like something better. So I designed one! Introducing *drumroll* the M Planning Notebook.

This is something that ticks all the boxes for what I have been lusting after when it comes to a notebook:

  • Looks and feels gorgeous (stroke-able inside and out!)
  • Really lovely paper to write on but also not too bulky
  • Really useful with the combination of planning pages to get things out of my head in a structured way
  • Plenty of plain and lined spaces for more general note taking and doodling
  • Inspirational quotes on every spread (I love a good quote!)
  • 3 ribbons to help me find important pages or ones I’m working on
  • Elastic closure so everything stays all neat and tidy
  • Durable cover to stand the daily rigours of handbag travel
  • Pretty elements on the notes pages to make me smile

I’ve always been a fan of beauty combined with functionality and that’s what I’ve tried to create here with the M Planning Notebook.

It has all the useful planning bits that I could want along with the outward packaging that makes me feel good when I use it.

Numbered Pages

Each page of the book is numbered and there is a double page index spread at the front, where you can jot down page numbers for easy reference. Particularly handy for when you want to find something you jotted down and need to refer back to at a later date.

Soft ‘Strokeable’ Leather Cover
(Vegan Friendly!)

This luxurious cover has been chosen for it’s gorgeous look and feel. It’s also durable so you can carry your M with you wherever you go.

Why For Women?

The simple reason is that I am a woman with my own business and I designed this for me. I love planning and I have a small *cough* obsession with stationery, and in particular, notebooks. Although this is suitable for anyone who thinks it’s fab, it has been designed with women business owners in mind.

Quality Paper

The inside pages are printed on a beautiful ivory uncoated paper. Thin enough so it’s not too bulky but thick enough to ensure you can write with most pens without worrying about show-through. The pages are smooth and a joy to write on (Keep an eye out on the LadiesThatPlan YouTube Channel for some of my favourite pens to write with and other planning tips and tricks).

Card Pocket

It’s really handy to have a place in your notebook to store scraps of paper, receipts, business cards and other stuff you collect during your day. This pocket found is in the form of an envelope (secured on 3 sides) with a concertina fold at the top and bottom of the book.

Elastic Closure

This useful elastic fastening to keep your ideas secure. Especially if you have a tendency to slip pieces of paper inside your notebooks.

3 Placeholder Ribbons

Sometimes you can be working on multiple things at once and so 3 ribbons means you can easily and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Inspirational Quotes

I’m slightly obsessed with positive quotes and affirmations (all the best people are!) and so I’ve made sure there’s plenty in here to lift your spirits and get you thinking, with an inspirational/motivational quote on every spread.

Decorative Design Elements

As I’ve already mentioned, I love notebooks and I wanted to give a little extra touch to the pages so I added subtle, decorative elements to the corners of the pages to make them even more gorgeous to use.

Lay Flat Pages

Whether you’re left or right handed, having one side of a book more chunky than the other makes for tricky writing at times. This book lays open flat so you can easily write on both sides and near the centre without having to tug at the pages.

The Layouts

You can see below the format of the planning and notes pages you’ll find inside the Minerva ‘M’ Planning Notebook.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pledge to order your M Planning Notebook now and then head over to www.ladiesthatplan.com to join in the fun with us LadiesThatPlan 🙂

See inside…

Yes! I WANT one of these notebooks!